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2022 Production Target

No Product Target (Tons)
1 Amoniak 2.790.000
2 Urea 3.420.000
3 NPK 250.000

To maximize distribution and the fulfillment of farmers’ needs for subsidized urea fertilizer in the Pupuk Kaltim distribution area, we ensure that the distribution of subsidized fertilizer is safe in the distribution area.

Pupuk Kaltim will continue and always commit to prioritizing the interests of farmers and the effectiveness of subsidized fertilizer distribution in the Pupuk Kaltim distribution area based on the provisions for distributing subsidized fertilizer.


2022 Production Achievement

Between January 1 and November 30, 2022, production of PKT Ammonia reached 89.93% of the annual target, Urea reached 81.88% of the annual target, and NPK reached 93.16% of the annual target.

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    • Gedung Graha Phonska, Lt. 4. Jalan Tanah Abang III, No. 116 Jakarta Pusat 10160

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