CSR Policy


CSR Policy

Pupuk Kaltim is committed to always providing positive and sustainable benefits to all stakeholders and continually synergizing with all stakeholders to achieve optimum and precise development in accordance with the needs of the community. As a result, Pupuk Kaltim is expected to continuously provide benefits to the community, either directly or indirectly, especially for the local community in the company’s location.

Pupuk Kaltim’s CSR activities are a tangible demonstration of its commitment to developing the community in accordance with Law No. 40 year 2007 regarding limited liability company article 74 about Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility. This commitment is packaged in the form of community development programs aimed at enhancing the community and environmental quality. Pupuk Kaltim has maintained its commitment continuously and consistently, especially in the affected area. The company conducts its CSR program to enhance living standards in the community and ensure a positive impact.

To create harmony between the community and the company, the company is concerned with the sustainable development and self-sufficiency of the local society. It has therefore established the following CSR policy:

  1. PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur’s CSR is integrated with the company policy, including planning, implementation, evaluation, reporting, and publication, to increase the company’s reputation, efficiency, and growth, and to mitigate business risk.
  2. PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur’s CSR prioritizes community empowerment, including economic, social, and environmental preservation, to establish a relationship with stakeholders (the community, government, and company) and achieve community self-sufficiency by mentoring and developing the community.
  3. PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur provides competent human resources and has a dedicated CSR Department to manage the CSR funds provided annually by the company to achieve self-sufficiency in the local community. This helps in creating harmony between the company and the local and other communities.

Pupuk Kaltim’s commitment to implementing a sustainable CSR program is based on the issuance of Board of Directors Decree No. 69/DIR/X.2012 regarding the Pupuk Kaltim CSR policy, which comprises:

  1. CSR implementation, reporting, and publication.
  2. Pupuk Kaltim’s CSR prioritizes the academic, business, government, and community (ABGC) strategic partnership approach.
  3. Pupuk Kaltim’s CSR prioritizes community development supported by the mentoring process.
  4. Pupuk Kaltim’s CSR implementation and achievement indicator refers to the national and global regulation (ISO 26000).

In implementing the CSR strategy, Pupuk Kaltim consistently and continuously adopts the global standard in CSR implementation, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 26000:2010, and contributes to the achievement of sustainable development targets, namely the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a form of transparent and ethical effort and behavior, Pupuk Kaltim’s CSR program comprises six (6) pillars for assessing the accountability and transparency of each program that has been conducted. The six pillars are:

  1. Pupuk Kaltim Human Capital Development is committed to creating reliable manpower, internally or externally, and to empowering the community through community development.
  2. Pupuk Kaltim Economy Enhancement is committed to empowering local potential resources to develop the economy of the community around the company.
  3. Pupuk Kaltim Synergy and Partnership Development is committed to synergizing the company, community, and government resources to create harmonization.
  4. Strengthening the Governance of the Company in running its business and in its commitment to the implementation of GCG principles.
  5. Sustainable Environmental Management: The company is working hard to maintain environmental sustainability.
  6. Increasing public communication: The company is aiming to develop a positive attitude to build a positive image for the public.

CSR Policy

In order to create harmony between society and the company, and to show the company's concern towards sustainable development and independence of the local community, the company’s established the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy as follow:

CSR Policy for Employees

As a form of corporate social responsibility and environmental preservation, where community development is prioritized to improve the level of education, health, economy, as well as maintaining social culture in terms of protecting workers in the Company.

Community Development Policy

In order to create harmony between the community and the company as well as a manifestation of the company's concern for the sustainable development and independence of the surrounding community, the Community Development Policy (Comdev) has been established as follows:

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