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PKT Peduli Pendidikan

The Pupuk Kaltim Peduli Pendidikan Program (PKTPP) is an effort by Pupuk Kaltim to improve the quality of human resources. Pupuk Kaltim has conducted the program since 2007 in the form of scholarships for outstanding students from economically poor families in East Kalimantan, especially Bontang.

The background of the program is a form of attention from Pupuk Kaltim to improve the quality of education for the people around it. This centers on the consideration that education is one of the foundations for improving the welfare of the community.

For that reason, from 2007 to date, the company has run the Pupuk Kaltim Care for Education scholarship among the community in East Kalimantan (Kaltim), notably providing elementary and junior high school scholarships in Yayasan Pupuk Kaltim (YPK) School.

TThe objectives of the PKTPP are:

  • To improve the human resource quality of men and women in East Kalimantan, especially in the education sector in Bontang.
  • To enable high-achieving, economically poor students to continue their education in elementary and junior high school, and university.
  • To reduce the number of school dropouts in Bontang.
  • To support Bontang City’s vision as a Smart City.
  • To create a morale connection between Pupuk Kaltim and the society in the company’s operational area.
  • To provide a form of Pupuk Kaltim companion approach to build a positive image in the community.






Between 2007 and 2018 Pupuk Kaltim distributed PKTPP funds for university from the community development fund for education. A total of 141 students were beneficiaries of the program. Up to 2018, around 108 individuals had graduated, most of whom had a job. Meanwhile, PKTPP for elementary and junior high schools ran from 2016 to 2018 and created a total of 50 beneficiaries from the Buffer Zone area.

    • Pupuk Indonesia Customer Service:
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    • 0811 991 8001 (WhatsApp)
    • Gedung Graha Phonska, Lt. 4. Jalan Tanah Abang III, No. 116 Jakarta Pusat 10160

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