Working Capital Loans and Coaching



Pupuk Kaltim loans for working capital and mentoring programs were given to small and micro-entrepreneurs located near the company. The program aimed to ensure that the community can produce businesses that are more independent and financially resilient. Pupuk Kaltim provides working capital loans with a flat interest rate of only 3% per annum to small and micro-entrepreneurs.

Parties in the community that have received working loan capital from Pupuk Kaltim subsequently become fostered partners. As the name of the loan implies, Pupuk Kaltim will guide small and micro-entrepreneurs to improve their capacity to handle loan funds wisely. The mentoring program is conducted to encourage fostered partners to create jobs for the surrounding communities and expand the program beneficiaries that derive revenue from the fostered partner entrepreneurship. Pupuk Kaltim’s mentoring program includes the provision of education and training on production techniques, management, research, internships, and so on to improve both the quality of the fostered partners’ products and their entrepreneurship management.

    • Pupuk Indonesia Customer Service:
    • 0800 100 8001 (Toll Free)
    • 0811 991 8001 (WhatsApp)
    • Gedung Graha Phonska, Lt. 4. Jalan Tanah Abang III, No. 116 Jakarta Pusat 10160

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