Pupuk Kaltim has Central Laboratory and Control Laboratory that are able to operate the following instruments: Gas Chromatography Unit, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Unit, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Inductive Couple Plasma Spectrometer, Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrophotometer, and others.

harbor & loading / unloading facilities

Pupuk Kaltim also owns and operates a special harbor in Bontang, with four piers that can serve ships up to 40,000 DWT.

  • Pier I (Construction Jetty) for ships up to 6,000 DWT
  • Pier II (Production Jetty) for ships up to 40,000 DWT
  • Pier III (Tursina Jetty) for ships up to 20,000 DWT
  • Pier Quadrant Arm Loader for ships up to 40,000 DWT

Dock (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8), Coal & facilities (RMHC, BSL II, and Coal Scrapper)

1.Jetty-12.000 - 7.500General Cargo, Urea Bag, Container
2.Jetty-220.000Urea Bag and Bulk
3.Jetty-320.000Urea Bulk
4.Jetty-420.000General Cargo, Urea Bag, Container, NPK


To ensure smooth flow of production and marketing, Pupuk Kaltim manages Urea Warehouse facilities and Ammonia Tank, with capacities as follows:

No.FacilitiesCapacity  (Ton)
1.Ammonia Tank102.000
2.Urea Bag Warehouse35.000
3.Urea Bulk Warehouse315.000
4.NPK Raw Material Warehouse40.000
5.NPK Production Warehouse27.000

plant service provider

Another facility is Plant Service Provider as the production unit of plant spare parts and fabrication, including machinery production unit with CNC machines, casting units, metallurgy laboratory, and metrology laboratory.

Plant Service Provider division provides various services to support plant operational activities, which include:

  • Production of valve steel in various type and size
  • Production of mechanical seals
  • Production of Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessel and Steel Structure
  • Production of Casting components such as Impeller, casing, and so forth
  • Designing/production of spare part and plant equipment
  • Mechanical test, metallurgy and metrology
  • Implementation of Turn Around and Plant Preventive Maintenance
  • Repairing plant shut down/break down
  • Trouble shooting upon any plant problem
  • Spare part supplies
  • Laboratory test and analysis
  • Technical inspection for static equipment and rotating equipment
  • Maintenance services outside Pupuk Kaltim (JVC, Project and so forth)

For information and marketing, contact:
Jasa Pelayanan Pabrik (Plant Service Provider)
PT Pupuk Kaltim
Jl. James Simanjuntak No. 1
Kompleks Pupuk Kaltim
Bontang - 75313
Kalimantan Timur