World Cleanup Day 2020, PIKA Pupuk Kaltim Collects More than 255 Kg of Household Plastic Waste

19 September 2020

Commemorating the World Cleanup Day (WCD) 2020 and at the same time supporting the Clean Indonesia Movement, the Association of Wives and Employees (PIKA) Pupuk Kaltim collaborating with the Waste Care Community of Bontang City managed to collect 255.53 kg of plastic and glass waste of various types as a result of sorting the household waste of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim members in their respective neighborhoods.


All the results of the collection was symbolically handed over by the Deputy Chairperson of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim Oktarina Qomaruzzaman to the Bontang City Government to be sorted out and reprocessed into valuable goods according to the 3R principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) at the Koperasi of Pupuk Kaltim on Saturday afternoon (19/9).


Oktarina said that the collection and sorting activities of plastic and glass waste involved approximately 500 members of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim as well as members of the BUMN Leader’s Wives Association (IIP) of Bontang which lasted for 2 days from 15-16 September 2020.


This activity is a form of solidarity and contribution of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim together with IIP BUMN in suppressing the amount of plastic and glass waste such as drinking bottles and food packaging which becomes part of household waste every day. Plastic waste has become a global problem that demands public awareness to participate in reducing the amount of waste starting from households. "Through this social action, members of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim will be more educated about the importance of waste collection as well as understand the impact of non organic waste on the environment," said Oktarina.


She hoped that through this activity all members of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim could better understand the importance of maintaining the environment as well as raise the awareness to always care for the cleanliness around the residence. It is also a manifestation of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim's contribution in supporting the achievement of the National Proper Gold Rank won by Pupuk Kaltim 3 times in a row in 2017-2019. "I hope that all members of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim can continue the habit of sorting out waste at home and at the same time it is our support to Pupuk Kaltim which has a high concern for the environment and ecosystems in carrying out its business activities," said Oktarina.


Chairman of the Garbage Care Community of Bontang City Muhammad Saipul appreciated PIKA Pupuk Kaltim's efforts to continuously invite its members to be more concerned with the environment. It has been proven through an active cooperation for the last 3 years on WCD commemoration since 2018. According to him, the joint synergy between PIKA Pupuk Kaltim and Environmental Services of Bontang succeeded in suppressing the amount of plastic waste annually with the reduction rate reaching 15% of the total waste collected.


The same commemoration of World Cleanup Day 2020 was held in 4 villages in Bontang City that succeeded in collecting 723.59 kg of plastic waste, with the contribution of PIKA Pupuk Kaltim in the amount of 255.53 kg. It was then sorted out and processed according to the 3R principles at the Integrated Waste Management Facility (TPST) owned by the City Government of Bontang. "We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Pupuk Kaltim and PIKA, which continue to involve us in WCD every year. Hopefully this synergy will still continue in the future," said Saipul.


Representing the City Government of Bontang, acting Head of the Environmental Service of Bontang Yessi Waspo strongly supported the social action performed by PIKA Pupuk Kaltim in pressing the amount of plastic waste, including the various efforts undertaken to increase public awareness so as to be more concerned with the environment. She said that the amount of waste collected at the Bontang Lestari Final Disposal Site (TPA) reached 80-85 tons daily of which the majority was of plastic waste of various types. Therefore, by separating waste directly from home the accumulation of plastic waste at the TPA can be minimized and the results of sorting can be reprocessed for economic value. "Plastic waste collected is sorted out, chopped and reprocessed for use. This is one of the efforts made in order to suppress the amount of waste in Bontang City, "said Yessi.


She also appreciated the support of Pupuk Kaltim in suppressing the amount of waste through the policies and programs realized by the Company with a collaboration and synergy with the City Government of Bontang. One of them is the support for waste sorting equipment at TPST Bontang Kuala up to regulations for shopping without a single-use plastic bag at Koperasi of Pupuk Kaltim. "Hopefully, with Pupuk Kaltim's activeness in suppressing plastic waste as a concern for the environment, Gold Propernas can still be maintained this year," concluded Yessi Waspo. (* / ram / nav)


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