Supporting Healh Protocol During PPKM, Pupuk Kaltim Distributed 2,000 Masks To Polres Bontang

15 February 2021

Pupuk Kaltim again distributed 2,000 masks to the Departmental Police (Polres) of Bontang, in order to support the implementation of the Health Protocol (Prokes) during the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). The aid was submitted by CSR VP of Pupuk Kaltim Anggono Wijaya to the Chief of Polres (Kapolres) AKBP Hanifa Martunas Siringoringo at the Departmental Police Headquarters (Mapolres) of Bontang, on 15 February 2021.

Anggono said that this assistance was a follow-up to Pupuk Kaltim's concern in optimizing the Prokes during PPKM in Bontang, especially the use of masks as part of the 5M protocol in preventing Covid-19. This was also a manifestation of #Synergy For Bontang through the program of #PKT Proactive Covid-19 in which 2,000 masks were distributed to Kodim 0908 / Bontang and 4,000 masks to the Regional Police of East Kalimantan so as to be distributed among the community in order to control and suppress the spread of the virus maximally. "Polres of Bontang as part of the Bontang Covid-19 Task Force is one of the main factors in controlling the virus. This mask aid can be used for the needs of the Police personnel on duty as well as for the community, "said Anggono.

The increase in the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Bontang in recent times has become Pupuk Kaltim’s attention by making efforts to suppress the spread of the virus in various ways. One of them is to support for the Bontang Covid-19 Task Force who carry out daily patrols according to the Circular of the Bontang City Government on PPKM. "Pupuk Kaltim will endeavor to support the measures taken by the Bontang City Government and the Covid-19 Task Force to control the spread of the virus. In addition to the Kodim and Polres, we also provide assistance to the Security Guard (Satpol PP) of Bontang to support the daily patrols during PPKM," said Anggono.

Kapolres of Bontang AKBP Hanifa Martunas Sitingoringo appreciated the support of Pupuk Kaltim which contributed continuously to the handling and control of Covid-19 in Bontang City and East Kalimantan. He considered that Pupuk Kaltim’s measures are in line with the instructions of the Chief of National Police (Kapolri) through Regional Police to continue to invite the public to implement health protocols to prevent from Covid-19.

Furthermore, his party continued to strive for the implementation of health protocol to run optimally, especially at the time the PPKM was being implemented by the City Government of Bontang. "We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the support of Pupuk Kaltim in maximizing health protocols in the community. One of them is with the help of this mask,” said Kapolres.

Kapolres ensured that the aid from Pupuk Kaltim will be distributed to the community, so that the implementation of health protocols using masks run optimally. The Polres of Bontang, as part of the Covid-19 Task Force, will continue to oversee the PPKM policies and ensure that the public are always compliant as well as raise awareness of the importance of health protocols. "We will share masks with the community, because by adhering to the health protocols we can keep suppressing the spread of the virus. We are optimistic against Covid-19 through synergistic practices," concluded Kapolres (* / nav)


    Pupuk Kaltim Proactive About Covid-19, Distributing 4,000 Masks To Regional Police Of East Kalimantan




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