Pupuk Kaltim Proactive About Covid-19, Distributing 4,000 Masks To Regional Police Of East Kalimantan

12 February 2021

To support the government in suppressing Covid-19, while at the same time making the Implementation of Community Activity Restriction (PPKM), Pupuk Kaltim distributed 4,000 masks to the Regional Police of East Kalimantan (Polda Kaltim). The aid was handed over by VP of Public Relations of Pupuk Kaltim Tommy Johan Agusta to KBO Ditpamobvit Polda Kaltim AKBP Bonifasio Rio Rahadianto, on Friday (12/2).

Tommy said that the mask aid, which was distributed gradually, was part of Pupuk Kaltim Proactive Covid-19 program, as a form of the Company's contribution in overcoming and anticipating the spread of Covid-19. "Similar aid was also distributed to the Military District Command (Kodim) 0908 of Bontang in the form of 2,000 masks yesterday (11/2), and another 2,000 masks will also be distributed to the Bontang Police," said Tommy.

This assistance is the Company's effort to control the active case of Covid-19 because wearing a mask is important to reduce the risk of virus transmission besides maintaining the 5M protocol. These masks were produced by Pupuk Kaltim’s assisted partner in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health.

The masks are made of batik with typical Bontang patterns such as Kuntul Perak (Silver Heron) Batik, Beras Basah Batik and Malahing Batik. The procurement of cloth masks is an effort for Pupuk Kaltim to empower and help the economy of the company's assisted partners because during the epidemic, the sales of batik has also been affected by the limitation of activity and mobility. "Pupuk Kaltim ordered a total of 10,000 masks. Besides being given to the Regional Police (Polda), Departmental Police (Polres), and Kodim, the aid will also be distributed directly to the community, "added Tommy.

This assistance received appreciation from KBO Ditpamobvit Polda Kaltim AKBP Bonifasio Rio Rahadianto. Pupuk Kaltim’s real steps in supporting the micro-scale PPKM in Bontang and East Kalimantan were expected to be imitated by other companies in the province. The mask aid from Pupuk Kaltim will also be distributed directly to the East Kalimantan community who cannot afford buying masks. "If people obey wearing masks, then the spread can be more controlled. My mask protects you, and your mask protects me,” he said.

In addition, Pupuk Kaltim also provided basic necessities to the community who carry out independent self-isolation in Bontang so as to fulfill their daily needs without having to leave the house due to the potential for increased risk of transmission. "So far there are 1,126 packages of basic necessities that have been distributed to people who are undergoing independent self-isolation," said Tommy.

Not only distributing the aid, Pupuk Kaltim also continued to educate and urge the public to improve discipline in implementing the 5M health protocols, so that the risk of exposure from People without Symptoms (OTG) to people who are vulnerable to Covid-19, such as old age or with comorbidities can be suppressed to the maximum."Pupuk Kaltim continues to raise awareness about this matter, so that Covid-19 will be more under control. The most important thing is not the assistance, but the discipline in carrying out the 5M, "continued Tommy. (* / nav)


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