Increasing the Anticipation for Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim Disinfects Public Facilities in 15 Villages of Bontang City

16 September 2020

Pupuk Kaltim sprayed and disinfected public areas and facilities in 15 villages throughout Bontang City as a follow-up to the Company's contribution in suppressing the spread of Covid-19. This activity involves dozens of volunteers who are later referred to as Covid Fighters in each Village to spray according to the schedule set by each region.


Guntung Village of North Bontang completed the spraying and disinfection program for 5 days, starting from Friday (11/9) to Tuesday (15/9), with the target of all public facilities and public areas closest to the Pupuk Kaltim area, among others are village offices, worship places, sports facilities, and so on by targeting 18 RTs in Guntung area and 7 RTs in Sidrap village. "All areas and public facilities are disinfected, with no exception, including the doorways to villages. The activity starts every day from morning to afternoon,” said Abdul Majid, a Covid Fighter Coordinator of the Guntung Village.


Head of Guntung Village Ida Idris added that she was also supported by the RT Forum together with Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa to notify residents prior to spraying. For technical implementation, all Covid Fighters volunteers are confirmed to use complete PPE before carrying out the spraying. "We coordinate and socialize previously with the RT Forum so that the residents will not get surprised if there is a sudden spraying of disinfectant," said Ida.


The same thing in the Loktuan village, spraying has started since Monday (14/9), with the target of implementation for 5 days. The targets consist of worship places, village offices, posyandu, schools, organizational secretariat offices up to markets and public facilities in all RTs. This activity was supported by 12 Covid Fighter volunteers and was carried out from morning to afternoon. "The spraying of disinfectant started from the port area and coastal area of Selambai, then continued throughout the RT area and finally to the market. Because the market is disinfected regularly by Pupuk Kaltim, we optimize other facilities first, "said Head of Loktuan Village M. Takwin.

According to Takwin, the disinfection program involving all villages in Bontang was a good initiative of Pupuk Kaltim that is expected to be carried out in a sustainable manner so that the entire potential spread of Covid-19 could be minimized and the community was more comfortable accessing all public facilities in Bontang. "Loktuan Village is ready to support the efforts made by Pupuk Kaltim for the community, especially regarding the anticipation and handling of Covid-19. With this active cooperation between the Government and Pupuk Kaltim, the spread of the virus can be maximally suppressed," added Takwin.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi said that the disinfection program was the realization of Pupuk Kaltim’s contribution in assisting the City Government of Bontang in handling and anticipating all the potential spread of Covid-19. "Disinfection in 15 villages of Bontang City is considered effective, especially for public facilities and public areas in order to make them more sterile from potential viruses," explained Rahmad. All the needs for disinfection devices, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) up to additional supplements for Covid Fighters are fully borne by Pupuk Kaltim. Each village receives 5 units of spray, 10 sets of PPE, 60 gallons of liquid and 600 liters of disinfectant, supplementary packages, honorarium and volunteer shirts with a total budget of IDR 390 million.


Rahmad hoped that through this program the potential spread of Covid-19 would be increasingly suppressed because public facilities were one of the vulnerable areas so that with routine disinfection it was expected that there was no more additional patients or new clusters of Covid-19 in Bontang. "Through the active synergy and cooperation between the City Government of Bontang and Pupuk Kaltim, all potential spread of the virus can be suppressed and Bontang is immediately freed from Covid-19," concluded Rahmad. (* / ram / nav)


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