Holding Various Virtual Activities, Rahmad Pribadi : Pupuk Kaltim Continues to Encourage the Spirit of Covid-19 Fighters

15 September 2020

Various efforts have been continuously made by Pupuk Kaltim to provide spirit encouragement to employees and their families who are currently undergoing treatment or later referred to as Covid-19 Fighters. One of the activities is a virtual sharing session with Kotot Wasisto on 15 September 2020, a Covid-19 survivor who is able to deal with and fight against the virus after undergoing treatment although he is a comorbid patient with a vulnerable age of over 50 years old.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi said that this sharing session was one way to encourage the spirit of Pupuk Kaltim's Covid-19 fighters who were still undergoing a period of quarantine and isolation so as to recover immediately and return to carry out normal activities. Even though the number of positive patient cases was still fluctuating, the cure rate of Covid-19 fighters of Pupuk Kaltim continued to increase. They were expected to complete the optimal course of treatment and recovered as soon as possible. "Through this sharing session, we can share tips on dealing with Covid-19, including efforts that can be made to recover soon," said Rahmad.


Rahmad said that various activities were deliberately initiated to provide supports for Covid-o19 fighters so as to undergo the quarantine period enthusiastically and get encouraged to be disciplined during the treatment. Moreover, with the proper implementation of health protocols, the Covid-19 fighters were proven to be able to recover even though there was a potential or risk of death for comorbid patients. "Pupuk Kaltim emphasizes that the Covid-19 fighters are not fighting alone because the Board of Directors and the Management strongly support all the efforts being made to cure them and fight against this virus," said Rahmad.


On that occasion, Kotot Wasisto said that he was one of the Covid-19 patients with cardiac comorbidity at the age of 61. Since being declared positive in July 2020, Kotot has successfully recovered within 2 weeks with various efforts made.


The former President Director of Mega Eltra explained that at first he did not expect he was infected because he had implemented rigorous health protocols, both in the office and at home. This, he said, showed that Covid-19 could be contagious to everyone, both to healthy people without any symptoms and people of vulnerable age. At first there were no symptoms, but the results of the examination indicated that he was declared positive for Covid-19. "It is important for us to keep ourselves against any potential so that any infection that might occur can be well anticipated. I underwent swab test for 6 times and the result was still positive, but the 7th was negative, "said Kotot.


According to Kotot, one of the efforts that could be made to fight against Covid-19 was by preserving the body's resistance and immunity. He proved it himself by not getting easily stressed out as well as maintaining his health by regular exercises. "My advice, don't be too paranoid about Covid-19 because it will reduce our immunity. Body endurance is very important. If the immune system is weak, it will be infected with the Covid-19. However, if we maintain our immune system, we can fight against the virus, "concluded Kotot.


Pupuk Kaltim also held a Yoga Class virtually as a network exercise for Covid-19 Fighters during the treatment and quarantine period. This activity was also a Company’s effort to encourage Covid-19 fighters to always keep healthy so that the body immunity and endurance remained maintained. Although it was said to be a light exercise, yoga was considered to be effective during the quarantine period for the Covid-19 fighters. It was carried out four times on 2, 4, 9 and 12 September 2020. “I hope that with all efforts made, the Covid-19 fighters will stay motivated about undergoing the treatment, “added Rahmad. (* / ram / nav)


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