Help Clean Up The Fire Debris Of Citra Mas Loktuan Market, Pupuk Kaltim Deployed An Excavator

11 February 2021

To support the accelerated recovery of post-fire conditions, Pupuk Kaltim, together with PT Kaltim Industrial Estate (KIE), deployed one unit of excavator to clean up the debris throughout the area of Citra Mas Loktuan market. The cleaning activity was initially carried out on Thursday (11/2).

The Corporate Secretary of Pupuk Kaltim Teguh Ismartono said that the assistance of cleaning up the fire debris in the Citra Mas Loktuan market was a form of the Company's contribution to the community to handle the post-fire conditions quickly. "All costs for the cleaning up and the heavy equipment are fully borne by Pupuk Kaltim, including the crew on duty," Teguh said.

In addition, Pupuk Kaltim also helped with food for the community and those who participated in the cleaning up for three days (11-13 February 2021), as the mandate of the City Government of Bontang for companies to be actively involved in the recovery of fire conditions so that the market could be utilized again by traders to do temporary selling activities. "The point is that Pupuk Kaltim will do its utmost to help, especially because Loktuan is the closest area to the Company. We will definitely be involved and contribute to the community around the Company," added Teguh.

Head of Loktuan Village Muhammad Takwin expressed his gratitude for the support of Pupuk Kaltim for the assistance of excavator for cleaning up the Citra Mas market after the fire. He said that Pupuk Kaltim's involvement was based on the coordination of the Bontang City Government to accelerate the handling of post-fire conditions, especially in cleaning up areas that could not be done manually. “A lot of wood and large remains of poles cannot be transported manually, so heavy equipment is needed to make the cleaning easier. Thank God, Pupuk Kaltim is helping and it has started to be implemented," said Takwin.

He targeted the cleaning to be completed within the next two or three days, so that the making of stalls for a temporary market for traders was immediately realized. This is because the need for traders to be able to do selling activities again is a priority for the Bontang City Government to be implemented in the near future. "We would also like to express our gratitude for the food given to the crew and the community who helped clean up the area. Pupuk Kaltim’s quick response really helped the government in handling the post-fire conditions," concluded Takwin. (* / nav)


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