Creating a Waste-Free Environment, Pupuk Kaltim and KLHK Build Domestic IPAL in Palm Sugar Village

18 September 2020


Pupuk Kaltim inaugurated the domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL), which was constructed to support the potential development of the Disability-Friendly Palm Sugar Village (Kampung Aren) program in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and Business Incubator (Inbis) of Permata Bunda at RT 11 Api-api Village of North Bontang on 16 September 2020.


CSR Manager of Pupuk Kaltim Fakhri Husaini said that the IPAL initiation began in 2019, observing non-toilet domestic waste (grey water) from Inbis activities reaching 1.65 cubic meters per day. It was feared that it would generate negative effects to the environment and society if abandoned as well as hinder the development of environmental programs at 10 golden points according to the roadmap for the Disability-Friendly Palm Sugar Village.


The construction of the IPAL is intended to suppress and reuse the waste water that potentially pollute Api-api River in Palm Sugar Village for daily needs such as watering various types of seeds and plants that are currently being developed by Inbis with the surrounding community. "Currently, the new IPAL is being used by Inbis, but in the future it will function as a communal IPAL by involving the residents of Palm Sugar Village," said Fakhri.


The concept of IPAL is expected not only as a location for waste water treatment, but also as a support for the park around the area so that the area is greener and far from the impression of the waste storage. Pupuk Kaltim also facilitates some experts from Brawijaya University of Malang to design the IPAL and Mulawarman University of Samarinda to conduct the study for the reduction of the impact of river water pollution and the optimization of IPAL management.


After a 20-day trial period, this domestic IPAL was able to process 33 cubic meters of grey water waste and its products were used to water the plants in the Inbis area with a saving value of IDR 154,000 with an assumption of average water price of IDR 4,672 per cubic meter. "After becoming a communal IPAL, 245 residents in Palm Sugar Village were also confirmed to receive benefits. Moreover, the IPAL processed water has passed the laboratory sample test and is safe for plants, "added Fakhri.


President Director of Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi said that the development of Palm Sugar Village as an inclusion area for optimizing the potential of people with disabilities together with the surrounding community was expected to be able to realize an environmentally friendly area through independent economic empowerment with various gradual improvements. For domestic IPAL, Pupuk Kaltim allocated a budget of Rp. 182.45 million for the improvement of development and other supporting facilities outside the costs borne by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK).


This indicates the seriousness of Pupuk Kaltim towards the community empowerment. Observing the development of Inbis Permata Bunda as one of the Company's assisted partners, it is able to maximize the potential of people with disabilities to be more productive and independent by creating business fields in various sectors. "This is what we develop in the Palm Sugar Village program so that the empowerment and economic independence are created through a productive environment," said Rahmad.


Head of Inbis Permata Bunda Anggi V. Goenadi admitted she was optimistic that the idea of Disability-Friendly Palm Sugar Village was capable of realizing the 10 goals set through the support and contribution of Pupuk Kaltim. Moreover, with the various developments carried out, the surrounding community who initially seemed indifferent and underestimated people with disabilities is now able to collaborate for life as well as organize the environment towards a better economic independence. "Now the community of Palm Sugar Village is open-minded and enthusiastic in running various programs together with friends at Inbis. This is an extraordinary development that the big target of Palm Sugar Village as an inclusive and disability-friendly area can be achieved," said Anggi. (* / ram / nav)


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