• Rahmad Pribadi : Pupuk Kaltim Dukung Pengembangan Kawasan Inklusi bagi Penyandang Disabilitas di Kampung Aren

    Optimalisasi pembinaan dan pengembangan kawasan inklusi bagi penyandang disabilitas, menjadi salah satu komitmen Pupuk Kaltim yang dijalankan melalui pemberdayaan di berbagai sektor. Hal itu dipertegas Direktur Utama Pupuk Kaltim Rahmad Pribadi, saat Management goes to Community pada program Kampung Aren Berdaya Ramah Disabilitas, di RT.11 Kelurahan Api-Api, Bontang Utara, pada Selasa (22/9) sore. 

  • Pupuk Kaltim Develops PreciPalm as an Agro Solution For Indonesian Oil Palm Plantations   

    PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) through its subsidiary, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk Kaltim), is developing innovation in the application of precision agriculture as an anticipatory action of industrial disruption by utilizing information technology to determine recommendations for precision fertilization using satellite technology to identify, analyze, and process information on spatial and temporal diversity in oil palm plantations called PreciPalm (Precision Agriculture Platform for Oil Palm).

  • Increasing Agricultural Productivity, Pupuk Kaltim Initiate Agro-Solution in NTB

    To support food security through increasing agricultural productivity, Pupuk Kaltim initiated the Agro-Solution program by utilizing agricultural areas with the concept of a sustainable partnership alliance in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and multi-parties stakeholders.

  • Bolmong Farmers are Happy, Potato Harvest Multiplied after Using NPK Pelangi
  • Pupuk Kaltim Facilitates Rapid Test for the Soldiers of Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang

    Supporting the performance of the National Armed Forces of Indonesia (TNI) and preventing the spread of Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim facilitated the rapid test of 170 soldiers of Den Arhanud Rudal 002 Bontang, on Saturday (22/8) morning. This activity is a manifestation of synergy between Pupuk Kaltim and TNI in suppressing the spread of Covid-19 in Bontang.

  • Pupuk Kaltim Distributes 1,000 Packages of Basic Necessities for The Orphans and Special School Students in Bontang
  • Through Webinars, Pupuk Kaltim Encourages the Entire Employees and Their Families to Stay Excellence in the Midst of the Pandemic

    In order to provide enthusiasm and support for employees and their families in facing Covid-19 pandemic, Pupuk Kaltim held a Web Seminar (Webinar) with the theme "Becoming an Excellent Person in the Midst of a Pandemic" presented by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar or popularly known as Aa Gym, on Friday (21/8) afternoon. That webinar was attended by approximately 800 participants from all employees as well as their families as an encouragement to be able to stay strong, stay united, and stay supporting each other in encountering this pandemic.

  • Increasing Covid-19 Alertness, Pupuk Kaltim Disinfects Citra Mas Market in Loktuan

     Another effort by Pupuk Kaltim to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 in Bontang is through a comprehensive disinfection towards Citra Mas Market in Loktuan, starting from the parking area to the main market area, including shops and merchant stalls, on Thursday (13/8 ) afternoon. The disinfection was in collaboration with Pupuk Kaltim Hospital, supported by Loktuan Village, Cooperatives and Small & Medium Enterprise Office of Bontang, Community Empowerment Institutions, Youth Organizations, and Non-Governmental Organization in Loktuan Village.

  • Pressing the Spread of Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim Distributes Assistance Package of Personal Protective Equipment (APD) and Rapid Test Kits to Bontang Government

    Optimizing the anticipation of the spread of Covid-19, Pupuk Kaltim distributed Personal Protective Equipment (APD) and Rapid Test Kits anymore to Bontang Government for the needs of the government agencies and the society. The assistance was handed over by Pupuk Kaltim CSR Manager Fakhri Husaini, to the Mayor of Bontang Neni Moerniaeni, at Bontang Mayor's Office on Thursday (12/8).

  • Fertilizer for National Food Security in the Midst of a Pandemic

    The food sector during a pandemic is one of the important things that concern the Government. To anticipate food insecurity with an increasing level of the need, one of the efforts made is to strengthen the society's agricultural sector by providing sufficient fertilizer during the planting season throughout Indonesia, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. So far, the national Urea production capacity is 8 million tons per year, while the demand is higher, up to 9 million tons per year. Therefore, it is important for the Government to maintain the sustainability of fertilizer industry to meet farmers' needs according to the required allocation.

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