Pupuk Kaltim Special Port has become the first port in Indonesia to receive the Green Port Award.

PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk Kaltim) is a company that manages and operates Special Port, appointed by the Ministry of Transportation Directorate General of Sea Transportation No. BX-341/PP 008 2017 which positioned in coordinate point of north latitude 00010'48" and east longitude 112029'38".

Initiated in early 2018, Pupuk Kaltim is committed to applying the green port concept in the company. To support the Green Port concept, in all aspects, Pupuk Kaltim has applied the green concept following the Green Port Guideline and Rating Tools requirements, the following are the examples of green concept applied :

  1. Electric powered Heavy Equipment Crane.
  2. Substitute conventional lamp with LED.
  3. Running emission test on port operational vehicles.
  4. Preserve natural plants in the work environment.
  5. Applying eco-friendly paint.
  6. Optimizing natural lighting and artificial lighting to preserve eyes well-being and productivity to achieve the Green Building appliance.
  7. Not using ozone destructive materials.
  8. Keeping the ambient air quality in PKT special port corresponding with the quality standard.
  9. Preserve protective trees and plants with noise reduction.
  10. Implementing Shore Power Connection in Pupuk Kaltim Special Port, replacing fossil energy with shore power.
  11. Pupuk Kaltim Special Port operates Port Reception Facilities to manage garbage waste from ships.

Based on the implementation applied by Pupuk Kaltim Special Port on 18 to 21 February 2019, a Green Port assessment concerning the achievement on Green Port Implementation in Pupuk Kaltim Special Port area referring to Green Port Award Guideline and Rating Tools has been conducted and resulted with Level III. Pupuk Kaltim has become the first port in Indonesia to achieve Green Port Award and to receive appreciation from the Coordinating Ministry of the Maritime Republic of Indonesia.