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Corporate Social Responsibility Activities conducted by Pupuk Kaltim is a realization of the company's commitment to community development based on Law Number 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company Article 74 on Social and Environmental Responsibility. The commitment is actualized in the form of community development programs that are oriented on improving the quality of people's lives and the environment. Pupuk Kaltim has been implementing this commitment in a sustainable and consistent manner, especially in the affected areas. The applied CSR program aims to improve people's lives so that the existence of the company can have a positive impact on the community.


In conducting CSR strategy, Pupuk Kaltim consistently and continuously adopts global standards in the implementation of CSR, namely the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 26000:2010, and contributes to the achievement of the target Sustainable development Goals (SDGs).

As a form of open and ethical efforts and behaviors, Pupuk Kaltim’s CSR program refers to 6 (six) pillars to see the accountability and transparency of any program that has been undertaken. The Six Pillars are:

  • Human capital Development Pupuk Kaltim is committed to creating reliable human resources, both internal and external, and empowers the community through community development.
  • Economic strengthening of Pupuk Kaltim is committed to empowering the potential of local resources to build the community's economy around the company.
  • The development of synergy and partnership of Pupuk Kaltim is committed to the resource of the company, community, and government to create harmonization.
daya Perusahaan, masyarakat, dan Pemerintah untuk menciptakan harmonisasi.
  • Strengthening corporate governance in conducting its business, the company is committed to conducting GCG principles.
  • The company’s sustainable environmental management strives to preserve environmental sustainability.
  • Improved public communication The company seeks to improve positive attitudes to build a positive image to the public.
guna membangun citra positif kepada publik.

“The harmony of the company and the community to increase welfare and sustainable independence.”

1. To achieve sustainable environmental harmony.
2. Empowering the potential of resources towards improving the quality of life and independence of society.
3. Improve the company’s positive image among stakeholders.
4. Establishing the company’s synergy with stakeholders for the sustainability of the company’s operations.

The commitment of Pupuk Kaltim in running a sustainable CSR program is realized through the issuance of SKD No. 69/DIR/IX. 2012 on the policy of the Pupuk Kaltim CSR which contains:
  1. CSR Pupuk Kaltim is affiliated with the company policy, whether in the planning, implementation, reporting, and publication of CSR.
  2. CSR Pupuk Kaltim puts forward the approach of strategic partnerships academic, business, government, and community (ABGC).
  3. CSR Pupuk Kaltim prioritizes community empowerment supported by the mentoring process.
  4. Implementation and achievement indicators of CSR Pupuk Kaltim refers to national and global Regulations (ISO 26000).

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Kebijakan CSR

Social Responsibility to Manpower Policy
tanggung jawab sosial


ISDA 2018

Indonesian Sustainable Development Goals (ISDA) Award 2018 by the Ministry of National Development Planning Agency Republic of Indonesia:

Platinum Category for Cultivation Program Family Medicinal Garden (TOGA) “Enggang Herbal”Platinum Category for Business Incubator for Child with Special Needs (ABK)Platinum Category for Coastal Community Empowermentr


Gold Category for Clean Water Program for Guntung CommunityGold Category for the Enhancement of Human Resources Competency and independence for Bufferzone CommunityGold Category for Pupuk Kaltim Care Education Program


Silver Category for Mekar Sari CommunitySilver Category for Green Energy for Eco-friendly Coastal Village Program

ISDA 2017

Indonesian Sustainable Development Goals (ISDA) Award 2017 by The Ministry of National Development and Planning / National Planning and Development Agency Republic of Indonesia:

Platinum Category for Family Medical Garden Cultivation Program “Enggang Herbal”Platinum Category for Children with Special Needs Business IncubatorPlatinum Category for Coastal Community Empowerments

Gold Category for Clean Water Program for Guntung CommunitiesGold Category for Bufferzone Community’s Human Resources Improvement and IndependencyGold Category for Pupuk Kaltim Education Care Program

Silver Category for Mekar Sari CommunitySilver Category for Green Energy for Ecofriendly Coastal Village Program 

CSR Indonesia Award 2017 by MEPRINDO Communication, achieved awards in these following categories:

Best of  The Best CSR Indonesia 2017

“Cipta Guna Sehati” (Health Service CSR)“Reka Karsa Sosial” (Social Service CSR)

“Daya Olah Karsa Pratama” (Sports CSR)“Karsa Budaya Prima” (Cultural CSR)

“Cipta Karsa Mandiri” (Independent Community CSR)“Didaktika Pratama Unggul” (Education Program CSR)

CSR Program