Perhatian! Menginformasikan bahwa dalam proses Pengadaan, PT Pupuk Kaltim tidak pernah meminta sumbangan dalam bentuk apapun baik yang mengatasnamakan perusahaan, karyawan, manajemen ataupun direksi
    PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur sustainably strives
    to maximize and uphold company values
    by implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) principles:
    Transparancy, AccountabAility, Responsibility,
    Independence dan Fairness.
    In the GCG implementation, company allegation reporting
    (Whistleblowing System) is one of and real actions
    of Pupuk Kaltim Personnel's Commitment
    (Board of Comissioners, Board of Directors and all employees)
    in creating PUPUK KALTIM CLEAN.
  • Implementation of Integrated Management System
    PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur consistently implement Integrated Management
    System comprise Safety, Health and Environmental (SMK3 and SNI ISO 14001),
    Quality Assurance (SNI ISO 9001) as well as other relevant Management Systems
    in order to comply with Indonesian National Standard (SNI) in achieving
    customer satisfaction.
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Company Info

The Biggest Urea Manufacturer - Environment Oriented

Pupuk Kaltim is the biggest Urea fertilizer manufacturer in Indonesia, in addition to producing ammonia and NPK fertilizer. Pupuk Kaltim provides national need of fertilizer both for the subsidized or non-subsidized sector. In its activities, Pupuk Kaltim emphasizes the importance of running an eco-friendly industry that would provide added values to the surrounding communities. Pupuk Kaltim is a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero).

Urea Production
Mill ton per year
Ammonia Production
Mill ton per year
NPK Production
Thous ton per year
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Whistleblowing System

In GCG implementation, the reporting of company allegation (Whistleblowing System) is one of and real actions of Pupuk Kaltim Personnel's Commitment in creating PUPUK KALTIM CLEAN.

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Transparent and comprehensive report is one of the implementations of GCG principles.

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Pupuk Kaltim ensures safety & health in the workplace as well as responsible environmental management.

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Social Responsibility

Pupuk Kaltim always trying to be where the company can add value to society and the environment.

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Ethical and responsible business activity is the foundation of good investor relations.

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