Perhatian! Menginformasikan bahwa dalam proses Pengadaan, PT Pupuk Kaltim tidak pernah meminta sumbangan dalam bentuk apapun baik yang mengatasnamakan perusahaan, karyawan, manajemen ataupun direksi


Urea, also known as nitrogen (N) fertilizer, has a nitrogen content of 46%. Urea is produced from a chemical reaction between ammonia and carbon dioxide, which results in solid urea in prill form (size 1-3 mm) or granule form (size 2-4 mm), both produced by Pupuk Kaltim. Prill urea is mostly used by the food crops and industry sector, while granule urea is more suitable for the plantation sector, although it can also be used in the food crops sector. Urea are marketed and sold under the trademark Mandau, Daun Buah and Pupuk Indonesia. The brand Pupuk Indonesia is used especially for the pink-colored subsidized urea.



Ammonia is used as a raw material in various processes in the chemical industry. Pupuk Kaltim’s ammonia product is marketed in liquid form at a temperature of -33 degree Celsius, with a minimum purity of 99.5% and water impurity at 0.5% maximum. Ammonia is made from the reaction of natural gas with air and water vapor, processed in high temperature and pressure in stages throughout a number of catalyzed reactors.


Pupuk Kaltim’s compound NPK fertilizer consists of two types,namely NPK Simple blending and NPK Fusion. NPK fertilizer can be produced in various compositions, according to the needs of the plant and soil type. This type of fertilizer contains three macronutrients needed by plants. All the raw materials for NPK, namely the nitrogen (N), phospate (P), and kalium (K) are of high quality. NPK fertilizer is marketed and sold with the brand name of Pelangi Maxi, Pelangi Unggul, Pelangi Super, and Pelangi Prima.

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