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Master Plan CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Pupuk Kaltim

Pupuk Kaltim has CSR Master Plan that covers the strategies and references in order to achieve the vision and mission of Pupuk Kaltim CSR. Vision and mission description of Pupuk Kaltim CSR is as follows:

Vision of Pupuk Kaltim CSR

  • Harmonious living between the company and the community toward the improvement of sustainable prosperity and independence

Mission of Pupuk Kaltim CSR

  • 1

    Achieve sustainable environmental harmony.

  • 2

    Empower resources potential toward improving the quality of life and independence of people.

  • 3

    Enhance the positive image of the company among stakeholders.

  • 4

    Build synergies between the company and stakeholders for the sustainability of company's operations.

Six Pillars of Pupuk Kaltim CSR Program

  • Human Capital Development

    The Company is committed to create reliable Human Resources (HR) both internally and externally, and empower the community through Community Development.

  • Strengthening the Economy

    The Company is committed to empower the potential of local resources in order to build the economy of surrounding community.

  • Synergy Development & Partnership

    The Company is committed to synergize resources of the company, community and government to create harmony.

  • Strengthening Organizational Governance

    The company is committed to conduct business with good governance.

  • Sustainable Environmental Management

    The Company strives to preserve the environment.

  • Improvement of Public Communication

    The Company seeks to increase positive attitudes in order to build a positive public image.


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